Damian Kotzur


Birth date: 1983

He studied Film and Television Picture Realisation and Photography at the Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Graduate of German Studies from the Jagiellonian Aniversity. His films were presented and awarded at many festivals around the world ( incl. AFI Docs, Camerimage, festivals in Gdynia, Belgrade and Cambridge). Author of short features and documentaries.



Department of Radio and Television name  of Krzysztof Kieślowski. Realization of the film and television image.



2016 - TO, CZEGO CHCĘ, Katowice (in 2004-2005 Cieszyn) (Coal Student Film Festival) First Prize

2016 - TO, CZEGO CHCĘ, Katowice (in 2004-2005 Cieszyn) (Coal Student Film Festival) Award of the Audience

2016- TO, CZEGO CHCĘ, Belgrade (Belgrade Festival of documentaries and Short Films) Award for the best short feature film in the International Competition

2015- TO, CZEGO CHCĘ, Olsztyn (WAMA Festival Film) First Prize of the Competition of Short Films

2015- TO, CZEGO CHCĘ, Łagów (Film Summer in Lubuskie) Golden Circle in the category of short feature films

2015- TO, CZEGO CHCĘ, Kazimierz Dolny (the Festival of the Film and Art "Two Edges") the II Award in the Independent Competition of short films

2015 - TO, CZEGO CHCĘ, Brown Tadpole on Camerimage 2015

2015 - LEKCJA award for the best shoots at the Watersprite Festival in Cambridge

2014 - LEKCJA Przemyśl (Festival of the Independent Cinema CK OFF) distinguishing in the category: student Cinema

2014 - 21 DNI Koszalin (Koszalin Festival of Screen Debuts "Youth and Film") rewarding for the short documentary film "for the moving and witty take seemingly of light subject"



2020 - Dalej jest dzień - direction, shoots, producer,

2019 -  Moje serce - script, direction

2018 - Ślepnąc od świateł - shoots

2018 - 1410 - script, direction, shoots

2017 - Wojenne dziewczyny - shoots (lead),

2016 - Amerykański sen - shoots

2015 - Powrót - feature film – script and Direction

2014 - To czego chcę - feature film- shoots i Direction

2013 - 21 dni – documentary film - shoots i Direction

2013 - Czas dużych przemian - videoklip – shoots

2012 - Lekcja - feature film- shoots i Direction

2011 - Kwiat - feature film- shoots i Direction



Big Milk Tropical - zdj.Damian Kotzur 
Tymbark Malina/Mięta - reż.Amon Schulz,zdj.Damian Kotzur 
Tymbark Cytryna/Mięta - reż.Amon Schulz,zdj.Damian Kotzur 
Tymbark Boat - zdj.Damian Kotzur 
Spot wizerunkowy TVN - reż.Robert Krawczyk, zdj.Damian Kotzur 
Spot wizerunkowy TVN skrót - reż.Robert Krawczyk, zdj.Damian Kotzur 
Microsoft Dzieci 
Microsoft Studenci 
Amber - zdj.Damian Kotzur 
OralB Dentysta 
Fisz Pył 
Bank Żywności