Directors of photography

Grzegorz Kędzierski


Birth date: 1949


    ⁃       DoP of over 50 features for cinemas and TV many of which were awarded or mentioned at International Film Festivals.

    ⁃       Considerable experience with all formats: anamorphic, Super-35mm, 35mm, Super-16mm, Beta SP, DigiBeta, DV, Hi Def, RED ON

    ⁃       In 1986 awarded The Golden Grape Award for  Photography for DIARY OF A SINNER

    ⁃       In 1993 co-founder of Polish Society of Cinematographers. 1993-2008 V-President

    ⁃       In 1998 Member of the Jury – CAMERIMAGE ’98 IV International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (together with Jerzy Skolimowski, Giuseppe Rotunno AIC, ASC, Franz Rath BVK, Jean-Michel Humeau AFC and Mike Molloy BSC)

    ⁃       DoP of famous Polish super-production and super-hit (over 7 000 000 viewers at the box office) WITH FIRE & SWORD directed by J. Hoffman.

    ⁃       In 2001 awarded for Cinematography of AVALON - Festival International de Cine - Sitges (Spain) 2001

    ⁃       In 2002 awarded for Cinematography of AVALON23rd Durban International Film Festival (South Africa)

    ⁃       in 2006 Member of the Jury – 31 Polish Film Festival Gdynia

    ⁃       in 2009 President of the Jury – 27 International Young Audience Film Fesival Poznan

    -       in 2010 Member of the Jury — 40 Molodist Kiev International Film Festival Ukraine

    -       in 2012 Member of  the Jury —3 VOICES Vologda International Film Festival Russia

    -       in 2013 Felix, Net & Nika (dir. W. Skrzynecki) Award for Best Forigne Mixed Drama at International Family Film Festival Releigh (Hollywood)




English, Russian (fluent)

German, Spanish, French (working knowledge)



1986 visiting professor Den Danska Filmskole in Copenhagen (Denmark) - workshop

1988-94      Radio and TV Dep. of Silesian University in Katowice (Poland) - lectures

1991-92      Polish Film School of Lodz (Poland) - lectures

1998-00      Camerimage Film School in Torun (Poland) - lectures

2000           lectures Polish-Japanese College of Computer Technology in Warsaw (Poland)

2005           Academia Internacionale de Cinema in Curitiba (Brazil) - lectures

2006           International Film School of Prague (Czech) - workshop

2007-          College of Art and Design (Film Dep.) of Lodz (Poland) - lectures

2009-          in charge of Head of Cinematography College of Art and Design

2010           PhD degree in Cinematography at Polish Film School of Lodz




2002      DURBAN (South Africa) International film Festival

              Award for The Best Cinematography of AVALON dir. Mamoru Oshii

2001      SITGES (Spain) International Film Festival

              Award for The Best Cinematography of AVALON dir. Mamoru Oshii

1994      POZNAN (Poland) XIV National Festival for Children Films

              The Poznan Kids for The Best Cinematography of A MAID WITH A WET HEAD                    dir. K. Tarnas and THE UNEXPECTED RESULTS OF WEARING A HAT IN                      MAY dir. K. Krupska-Wysocka

1986      LAGOW (Poland) Film Festival - The Golden Grape for The Best                                         Cinematography of DIARY OF A SINNER dir. W.J. Has




2016      BIRTHS OF FREDERIC DEMUTH            dir. M. Wojtyszko


2015      DOCTOR CHARMING                                 dir./prod. W. Orzechowski

                   Atlantic Production

2014      SUGAR LIFE                                                   dir. M. Bork


2013      REAL LIFE                                                      dir. M. Bork


2012      ANNA GERMAN. SECRET OF WHITE ANGEL  dir. W. Krzystek

                   Star Media (Russia, Ukraina, Poland)

              FELIX, NET I NIKA                                      dir. W. Skrzynecki

                   WFFiD                                                           prod. W. Niderhaus

              awarded for Best Feature Mixed Media

              at International Family Film Festival, Raleigh - Hollywood 2013

2011      CHUDY AND HIS FELLOWS                      dir. M. Wojtyszko


2010      MOONLIGHT & MAGNOLIAS                   dir. M. Wojtyszko


2009      HOLLY BUSINESS                                        dir. M. Wojtyszko

                   WFDiF                                                           prod. W. Niederhaus

              BLINDE DATE                                               dir. W. Wójcik

                   New Century Arts                                         dir. W. Palys

2008      PHENOMENON                                              prod./dir. T. Paradowicz


              WHISKI & MILK                                            prod./dir. A. Michaiłov



2008      POPIEŁUSZKO                                               prod. J. Swiercz

                   Focus                                                             dir. R. Wieczynski

2007      LUISA’S GARDEN                                         dir. M. Wojtyszko

                   IPSF                                                               prod. T. Drewno

2006      Mr. GUSTAVE &  MATYLADA                  dir. M Wojtyszko


2005/2006  THE ROSE HOTEL (3) (112 episodes)     dir. M. Wojtyszko / S. Kuźnik /

                   Besta/ Polsat                                                  S. Chondrokostas

2004      PAPA & MAMA (2x90’)                                 dir. D. Wedel

                   MedienKontor /ZDF                                     prod. J. Kriwitz

2003      OFFENSE (TV play)                                        dir. M. Bork

2001      DAS LETZTE VERSTECK                          dir. P. Koralnik

                        TAG/TRAUM - WDR                              prod. G. Haag

2000      DIE AFFÄRE SAMMELING (6x90’)           dir. D. Wedel

                        Bavaria Film/ZDF (Germany)                   prod. K. H. Knippenberg /T. Kleine

              DAS GOLD DER ZAREN                             dir. M. Bork

                        Besta /ZDF (Germany)

              CASUS BELLI                                                 dir. I. Ugolnikov

                        Studio 12A (Russia)                                 prod. A. Michailov

1999      AVALON                                                          dir. M. Oshii

                        Bandai Visual (Japan),                              prod. K. Ogawa

                        awarded for Best Cinematography at Sitges FF 01 and Durban FF 02

              DIE DREI TOLLE NULLEN                        dir. W. Skrzynecki

                        WDR, TVP                                               prod. A. Minko

1998      WITH FIRE AND SWORD                           dir. J. Hoffman

          awarded at Gdynia FF 98                      prod. J. Michaluk

          JHP Zodiak, TVP

1997      UNSER FREMDES KIND                             dir. M. Bork

          TVP, MDR, Saxonia Media,                    prod. L. Rywin/ M. Hoffman

          Heritage Films                                                   

1996      FAME AND GLORY                                      dir. K. Kutz

                        TVP, Ikam                                                prod. K. Kowalski

1995      DER KAPITÄN –GEFÄRLICHE FRACHT            dir. E. Riedlsperger

              DIE LETZTE FAHRT DER m/s CARTAGENA                dir. T. Jacob / E. Riedelsperger /

                        ZDF, Novafilm                                                     prod. O. Meissner

1993      GOSPEL ACCORDING TO HARRY                        dir. L. Majewski

                        Propaganda Films /USA, WFDiF /Poland              prod. S. Sighvadson,