Kasia Adamik


Birth date: 1972

Director, storyboard artist, artist, member of the Polish Film Academy. Graduate of Graphics from the Academy of Fine Art in Brussels. Known as a director of such films as "Janosik: A True Story", "The Offsiders" (awarded, among others, at PFFF in Gdynia 2008 with Audience Award) or Bark! (nominee for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival 2002 and winner of the Special Award for Best Film at the Warsaw Film Festiwal 2002) and also Polish TV series like "The Deep End" (Prix Italia 2012 for best dramatic series), "Warsaw Pact", "Pitbull", "Prime Minister" and "The Border". Co-unit director of Burning Bush (showered with Czech Lions in 2014), festiwal-awarded "In Darkness" (nominated for the Academy Award 2012) and also "House of Cards".



2015 THE PACK, Orzeł (Poland Film Award), Nomination in the category: The Best Film TV series

2009 THE OFFSIDERS Toruń (International Film Festival "Tofifest") "Złoty Anioł" for The Best Polish Film

2009 THE OFFSIDERS Częstochowa (to 2014 Rzeszów) (Festival of Optimistic Films "Multimedia Happy End") Award for The Best Professional Feature Film

2009 THE OFFSIDERS Częstochowa (to 2014 Rzeszów) (Festival of Optimistic Films "Multimedia Happy End") Award for The Best Director

2008 - THE OFFSIDERS Camerimage (Operator Festival in Łódź) Award for The Best Polish Film

2008 - THE OFFSIDERS Gdynia (to 1986 Gdańsk) (Festival of Polish feature films) The Audience Award Silver Screen

2008 - THE OFFSIDERS Chicago (Polish Film Festival) Golden Teeth - The Audience Award

2007 - H, The Best Theatre of Television, Prix Visionica (International Television Festival in Wrocław)

2002 - BARK Award for Directions, International Warsaw Film Festival

2002 - BARK Sundance Film Festival, Nomination for The Best Feature Film



2017 THE BORDER 2 (tv series)

2017 SPOOR

2017 AMOK

2014 KREW Z KRWI 2 (tv series)

2013 THE BORDER (tv series)

2013 BEZ TAJEMNIC (tv series)

2011 INTO DEEP WATER (tv series)

2011 UKŁAD WARSZAWSKI ( tv series), director, part. 1-5,


2008 MARKED (tv series) , director part. 11-12

2008 PITBULL (tv series) , director part. 24-27,

2008 KARAMAZOVI (Bracia Karamazov) co-producer,

2008 THE OFFSIDERS , director, script - idea, co-producer,

2008 KROL ROGER, registration of the opera, M. Trelinskiego

2008 BURZA, registration of the performance, K. Warlikowskiego

2007 EKIPA , director (tv series) part. 1-3-4-5-6-7-14

2007 H Rejestracja Spektaklu J. Klaty

2005 COPYING BEETHOVEN , director (II ekipa), Story - board,


2004 CATWOMAN Story - board

2002 BARK (Szczek) , director

2002 TRAPPED Story - board,

2002 JULIE WALKING HOME , director (II ekipa), Story-board,

2001 SHOT IN THE HEART Story - board,

2001 HEARTS IN ATLANTIS Story - board,

2001 GOLDEN DREAMS Story - board,

2001 ANGEL EYES Story - board,

2000 BATTLEFIELD EARTH Story - board

1999 THE THIRD MIRACLE Story - board,

1999 NA KONIEC ŚWIATA Story - board,

1998 BELOVED Story - board

1997 WASHINGTON SQUARE Story - board,

1995 TOTAL ECLIPSE Story - board,

1993 THE SECRET GARDEN, personal assistant (Agnieszka Holland personal assistant),



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